nutrition associates, l.l.c.

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Nutritional Counseling
                                                                                                                                                             Body Composition Analysis
Nutritional Fit

                                   Individual Counseling

                        Beginning with a Nutritional Assessment and Body Composition Analysis, we  work together to develop a
                        nutritional plan that meets the needs of your lifestyle.

                        With Gradual changes and positive reinforcement, you will achieve your long-term nutritional goals.

                        Our work with children and adults incorporates the principles of healthy eating with the roles food plays
                         in our daily lives - as fuel, as a social tool, as a way to deal with feelings.

                        Learn more about yourself as you learn more about food.

                        Among our weight management programs is the Supplemental Fast:

                            Daily supplements and meals provide optimal nutrition along with structure, flexibility, and convenience.

nutrition associates, l.l.c.
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